Web Design Inspiration – Collective #1


A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy it!

1) Web Design Inspiration


One of the most amazing website we have found recently, this guy made a futuristic personal website to track everything he does, from running to explore different countries.


2) Development

Pattern Bolt

SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS/SCSS file, yes please! Check out this site and try out the demo.


3) Industry

Material Design

Google introduced the world Material Design, check out the video below to discover what it is all about.


4) Resource


Have you ever tried to design your own map and customize it? Look no further, Mapbox is the way to go.


5) Design


A very beautiful designed layout from Cosmin Capitanu. Check out his portfolio on Dribbble.



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The Vanamco team.

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By Florian Mueller