Web Design Inspiration – Collective #2


A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy our second collection!

1) Web Design Inspiration


A beautiful and minimal website for the news socialist app. Organize the things you love.


2) Development

Free Responsive Dashboard

SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS/SCSS file, yes please! Check out this site and try out the demo.

A simple and free responsive dashboard made with Angular JS & Bootstrap. Elegant and easy to slice and use today.


3) Industry

YOLO and other apps that parody YO!

Yo Is Trying To Get Parody App YOLO & Others Pulled From The App Store.


4) Resource


The pure JavaScript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers. A continued implementation of the original 0.1.3 version used by over a million wallet users; the backbone for almost all Bitcoin web wallets in production today.


5) Design

TEAGUE X – Denny Bicycle Design, changing cycling forever

Possibly the best bike design ever!? The model sports a minimalist frame, which belies all the tech packed inside. There’s an electric motor on the front hub (with a removable battery) to boost your hill-climbing, for starters. That’s married with a computer controlled automatic shifter that automatically adjusts to ride conditions for a “hassle-free riding experience.” To combat the constant showers, meanwhile, it uses a simple device with rubber bristles to break up the water, rather than a fender.A very beautiful designed layout from Cosmin Capitanu. Check out his portfolio on Dribbble.



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By Andi Dysart